Simi Valley Workers Compensation Lawyer

Simi Valley is a great city with a very tight knit community. Here is some information if you are looking for a Simi Valley Workers Compensation Lawyer. Picking an attorney to help you represent your case can be a challenging endeavor and most people have never been in the position of needing an attorney to help represent their needs. 

How do workers comp attorneys get paid in California? There is no money up front for a consultation and all payments/fees are taken from the final settlement. Typically, it's only 15% as opposed to other types of law such as personal injury which usually take 33% of the settlement. 

Why would I need and attorney and can I represent myself? As an injured worker, you can defiantly represent yourself. You will be handling all of your medical appoints and be comminating directly with the defense attorney handling your case as well as dealing directly with the insurance company. You will also be in charge of handling the final settlement of your case. 

What are the benefits of hiring an attorney? When you retain an attorney, the opposing defense and insurance company will no longer be commutating with you and will have to go through your legal representation. Your attorney will have your best interests in mind when providing guidance through your case. In most circumstances you will not only receive a higher settlement but will also have someone to guide you through the process and make sure you are receiving the best medical treatment and not being taken advantage of. 

How Long Do Cases Take to Settle? This is a tricky question but the typical answer depends on the severity of the injury you have sustained while working. The more medical treatment required to treat the injury, the longer the claim will stay open and active. The injured worker can keep the claim open as long as there is a medical necessity that still needs to be addressed. For something that is a minor injury (sprain, bruise, minor laceration), a typical case takes between 6-12 months. For more complicated injures that require more rehabilitation and treatment, the case may take 1-3 years in order to get the best medical outcome and settlement. 

From our research we have found the top Workers Compensation Lawyer in Simi Valley to be Erica Wise Law. Here are some of the reviews we found on both Google and Yelp. 

George K "I hired Erica after a back injury at work and my claim got denied by the insurance company. She was really responsive to all my questions and got me in with a really good doctor, surgeon and chiropractor and PT. We just signed the final settlement documents last week and are very happy. I would highly recommend Erica and have already sent over a couple of friends who are also happy with her help. A+ service. Thanks"

Ryan M "Erica Wise helped me on my workmans compensation case when others wouldn’t. She really stepped up to the plate and showed me how much she truly cared. She got my surgery approved after the lousy insurance denied it. She also got me paid while I was off work. When my work started messing with me, she put them in their place and they left me alone. She’s the real deal. Thank you Ms. Wise."

Katherine O "Ms. Wise is a very knowledgeable disability attorney. She was so patient and kind, and really went into depth to explain to me how the EDD state disability and workmans compensation system works. She really knows the laws and the system. I like that she is a very professional woman who can get the case settled. She has a kind heart and you can feel she really cares for her clients."

Bill H "I had great experience working with Erica and her firm. I had serious medical problems that were work related and it wasn't getting better. They helped me process my claim and set me up with a really good group of doctors. I'm slowly getting back to myself and livings a normal life again. I really appreciate all her help through the process."

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